Please avoid the use of Pennsylvania Ave and surrounding residential streets when visiting our facility. Alternate routes are the use of the Lamar St. or MLK Jr. There are two schools situated on Pennsylvania Ave at I-45 and HWY 175. For the safety of students and faculty alike we would greatly appreciate your assistance in helping to cut down on unnecessary traffic through those areas.


el uso de Pennsylvania Ave y las calles residenciales circundantes cuando visite nuestras instalaciones. Las rutas alternativas son el uso de Lamar St. o MLK Jr. Hay dos escuelas ubicadas en Pennsylvania Ave en I-45 y HWY 175. Por la seguridad de estudiantes y profesores, agradeceríamos enormemente su ayuda para ayudar a reducir Tráfico innecesario por esas zonas.

Welcome to GAPR

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GAPR is a company that has excelled in today's competitive market place by building relationships based on trust, with both our suppliers and our customers, domestically and internationally. At GAPR we handle a wide range of automotive products in all aspects: New, Rebuilt and Used Parts. GAPR is innovative, flexible and not afraid to venture outside of the normal course of a core supplier's daily business.

This gives GAPR the ability to source and supply a wider range of product dealing in a much larger market with a diversified customer base. At GAPR we are always looking for new opportunity, always keeping the door to the future open.

GAPR is staffed with 100's of years in combined experience, we enjoy what we do, enjoy each other and accept the challenges of today's competitive marketplace. We strive to grow this great company through innovation, hard work , with an open mind for the future and the opportunities this forever changing market may bring us.

GAPR is about earning the valued relationship of our Customers and Suppliers

Thank you visiting our great Company

Jerry Amman

President/ Managing Partner

To Our Suppliers

This web site is to assist you in your daily purchasing. It will give you a wide range of product we are willing to purchase. The staff at GAPR is committed to making this site as user friendly as possible. In the near future there will be photos of each and every one of the products we are looking for on a daily basis. Please allow us to help you, we are here to teach, direct and communicate our needs. All of us need to work together to make this site as functional as possible, your ideas are important to us.

In today's metal market, prices are changing up and down daily. The Market for used parts is good today and much higher than metal market prices based on weight. Today we see a much higher demand for good used parts, people are driving their cars longer and repairing them when they are broken and are not buying new cars, this is good for our business. GAPR will keep you informed of our needs, please feel free to contact us about product that may be available to you that may not be on our list. a4yy万利达首播影院官网